We are so thankful for everything we have learned from you. Melissa is making great strides at school. Her stamina is up, reading fluency, and ability to complete writing assignments. Thank you so much for everything! We will continue to do all your recommendations at home.

Thank you so much!

-Parent of a 6 year old child 

April 2023

We would have been completely lost without Judith’s help and guidance through New York’s early intervention program when our son, at 2 years old, was diagnosed with Sensory processing disorder, low muscle tone, and the 5th percentile for language. We quickly learned there was a big difference in quality of care between Judith’s expert help to a state sanctioned OT. One state OT wanted Kevin to wear a weighted vest to pre school which we thought was completely unnecessary and would label him as different with his peers. Judith agreed that it was completely unnecessary and she was right, he didn’t need it. Each session she provided us with a written description of the work they did as well as recommendations for doing the work at home. Amazingly our son seemed to work diligently and effortlessly with Judith. The behavior problems we saw at Early Intervention and school were not present with Judith. She really does have a special way of communicating and working with young children. It was amazing to watch! The amount of therapeutic games and activities she has were really amazing. Kevin who has attention problems is always completely engaged and has fun while working with Judith. We saw great results with Judith’s OT therapy and in three years of working with Kevin, he was able to test out of Early Intervention and successfully enter kindergarten as a typically functioning child. Our family attributes this to Judith’s hard work with him. Judith cares deeply about her clients and took the time to have long phone conversations and after therapy conversations with us about Kevin’s progress and any concerns we were having. We are from the city and found her work to be the level of quality of care we found in Manhatten. Although he tested out of Early Intervention, we saw some places that needed work, which were not being addressed in a public school classroom. We are happily still working and Kevin’s behavior problems at school dissipated this year due to the fact that he was academically prepared. My husband is a medical doctor and very picky about therapists and he loves Judith. We consider our family very lucky to have found her.

Parent 11/08/2022

Judith is kind, thorough, and amazing! She really delivers results. Mimi used to hate to write, struggled to tie her shoes, and lacked confidence. After working with Judith, everything changed. Mimi developed neat handwriting, loved to wear tied shoes, and her hand no longer got tired when doing schoolwork.  Because of the strong foundation and confidence that Judith instilled, Mimi soared academically and became a star student. Mimi was even able to learn cursive and now prefers to write in cursive.  Using the tips she learned from Judith, Mimi taught her little sister how to tie her shoes and is now teaching her sister how to write in cursive. I am beyond grateful to Judith and highly recommend her services. Copy and paste this link to view samples of Mimi’s 3rd grade work as well as commentary from her teacher: www.tinyurl.com/MimiPhotos

- Kaitlyn, a Parent  7/2/2021

For the past year, my six year old son Ben has been working with Judith at KinderTherapy and has made so much progress. He went from not knowing how to hold a pencil, throw a ball or zip up his jacket to drawing and writing, playing catch with his sister and getting dressed on his own. Thank you Judith, I couldn’t have done it without you!


Kindertherapy helped our teenage son physically strengthen and improve motor planning skills. Judith explained and practiced exercises with an intellect and care that were appropriate for our son. His experience helped him build physical and motor planning confidence and gain an enhanced understanding of his well-being. We are forever indebted.


Our son was having trouble with his handwriting. Judith was able to help him learn to write his letters correctly as well as hold his pencil correctly. Now his handwriting is completely legible and neat. Working with Judith has given him a sense of confidence he was lacking. We recommend her 100%.

-Janice K

 We are so happy with the progress our son has made in the few months that he has been working with Judith at Kindertherapy. Our son initially was struggling with the writing demands of second grade as well as controlling his ADHD and sensory seeking behaviors. Judith was not only available for consultations on a regular basis, but was able to provide us with an in home program to support him, while she worked to strengthen his writing. We are so pleased that he has made such a drastic change in this short amount of time. While Kindertherapy was an educational environment for our child, Judith also found ways to entice him with physical activities and games on the IPAD. She was constantly providing us with new things to try and to keep him motivated.

-Penny L Special Education Teacher

 My daughter has been working with Judith for the past 1.5 years. Since we began Kindertherapy, we have witnessed remarkable changes and progress in her development. She is more focused, attentive, and tolerant of non-preferred activities. She is always happy to see '"Miss Judith" on a weekly basis, and Judith always makes her feel successful which builds her self-esteem to try new tasks. Her fine motor delays were significant when we started (Immature grasp, poor motor control and bilateral Integration); however, she can now color, cut, draw people and trace letters! Her school has updated her IEP several times since she began Kindertherapy, as she's mastered so many therapeutic goals. Judith Is a true professional, highly-skilled, warm and compassionate, and provides us with honest feedback and helpful tips for continued work at home. There's more work to be done, but we are hopeful that amazing things will continue to happen, especially with Judith on our "team!"

-Mother of 4.5yr old preschooler 


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